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EU Team Leader, National Drought Management Authority (NDMA)

Country    Kenya

Client        EU

Budget     EUR 220,000

Partners   CESO

Period      May 2019 – April 2021

Technical and management advisory support to NDMA and implementation of EU support to NDMA, including facilitation of policy dialogue between actors involved in Ending Drought Emergency Strategy(EDE) implementation; operationalisation of the National Drought Emergency Fund (NDEF), and advice NDMA leadership on strategic management matters.

Dissemination and capacity building on conservation agriculture in the Biji water catchment area

Country    Somaliland

Client        GIZ-Somaliland

Period       Feb-Apr 2019 

Supporting Sustainable Land Management (SLM) through implementation of Conservation Agriculture measures including training curriculum development, conduct of Farmers Field Schools (FFS) and capacity building of local extension authorities.

Enterprise Development for Rural Families in Kenya: Phase III

Country   Kenya

Client       Hand in Hand Eastern Africa (HiH EA)

Budget    USD 135,000

Period      Oct 2018 – Oct 2022 

Framework contract for provision of recurrenttechnical MSD/M4P, BDS, gender, climate/environmental advisory inputs to Hand in Hand EA in support of development of sustainable and profitable enterprises in rural and peri-urban areas. 

Policy Advisor, National Drought Management Authority (NDMA)

Country       Kenya

Client           EU

Partners      PEMconsult

Period          Oct 2018 – Apr 2019

Advisory support to strategy and policy development for NDMA and the Ending Drought Emergency Strategy (EDE); institutional support to the EDE Secretariat; establishment of knowledge management system; inter-sectoral and intergovernmental coordination.

Technical Assistance to Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme Phase II (ASDSP II)

Country      Kenya

Client          MoALF

Partners     NIRAS

Budget       EUR 2.4M

Period         Feb 2019 – Dec 2022

Provision of experts to NIRAS/SGL TA team providing recurrent advisory inputs to the ASDSP’s support towards development of Priority Value Chains across Kenya’s 47 counties and sector coordination and policy support for market-oriented agricultural development in Kenya. 

Regional Analysis of the Cotton, Apparel and Textile Sector in East and Southern Africa

Country     Kenya, Uganda, Zambia

Client         Cotton Expert House Africa

Budget      EUR 78,000

Period        Aug 2018 – Nov 2019

Regional analysis of the cotton, textile and apparel (CTA) supply chain with in-depth focus on the country specific CTA sectors in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

Formulation of AGRA support to JASCCM

Country    Kenya

Client        Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

Period       Apr-May 2018

Conceptualization and formulation of AGRA program for long-term strategic support to the Kenya Joint Agricultural Sector Cooperation and Consultation Mechanism (JASCCM). Additionally, support to initiation of a multi-donor comprehensive framework for provision of capacity building support to county governments to facilitate preparation of solid agricultural plans for inclusion in the 2018 County Integrated Development Plans (CIDP). 

Provision of customized training services in the areas of monitoring and evaluation

Country     Uganda

Client         BTC/ENABEL

Budget      EUR 343,000

Partners    GFA

Period        Feb 2018 – Nov 2022 

Capacity building the SDF (Skill Development Fund) staff on the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation.

Resilience Building and Income Generation Project for Agro-Pastoral Communities in Turkana County

Country    Kenya

Client        NAK Karitative – Germany

Budget     EUR 233,000

Period       Feb 2018 – Nov 2019 

Building resilience of pastoralists through market-oriented promotion of Aloe Vera and various agroforestry products.

Youth Agribusiness Models within EAC

Country     EAC Countries

Client         FAO/FSE&EAC Secretariat

Budget      EUR 233,000

Period        Nov 2017 – Feb 2018

Promoting Youth Employment in the Agricultural Sector through identification, data/information collation and subsequent documentation of youth agribusiness models in Africa. Undertook Kenya study and supported EAC-wide reporting. 

Team Leader, ASDSP support to JASCCM

Country      Kenya

Client          NIRAS for MoALF/SIDA

Period         Jan-Jun 2017

Short-term technical advisory support towards the new Joint Agricultural Sector Cooperation and Consultation Mechanism (JASCCM) on behalf the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP). JASCCM supports intergovernmental coordination between the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development (MoALF) and the Council of Governors/county governments, and is supported by USAID, Sweden, EU, Germany, FAO, UNDP, AGRA and other development partners. In addition, spearheaded review and redesign of ASDSP’s capacity building support towards county sector management. 

Youth Advisor to the MoALF Cabinet Secretary

Country       Kenya

Client           NIRAS for MoALF/SIDA

Period          Jan-Jun 2017

Short-term technical advisory input to the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries for the preparation of the Kenya Youth Agribusiness Strategy2017-2021 and the associated National Programmefor Youth Economic Empowerment ThroughAgriprenuership (YEETA).

Drought Resilience Program (DRP) in Northern Kenya-Marsabit & Turkana

Country     Kenya

Client         GIZ-Kenya

Budget      EUR 1.2M

Partners    GFA Consulting Group

Period        July 2017 – Dec 2018 

Food security and drought resilience improvement in Turkana and Marsabit counties in Northern Kenya, with a focus on piloting of innovative and community-oriented approaches to irrigation and market-oriented agricultural production.

Development and Harmonization of training materials for Improved Farming Systems, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and Food Security in Malawi

Country     Malawi

Client         GIZ-Malawi

Period        Nov 2017- Feb 2018

Development of holistic training methodology and harmonised training materials for Improved Farming System, Good Agricultural Practices, and Food Security training, applying agro-ecological, conservation agriculture, and climate change adaptation principles. 

Sustainable Promotion of Range Pasture and Fodder Production and Marketing among Pastoral and Agro-Pastoral Communities in Marsabit County

Country    Kenya

Client        NAK Karitativ

Budget     EUR 250,000

Period       July 2017 – June 2019

Strengthening/building resilience and empowering 2,400 farmers to rise above the natural hazards by promoting commercial production of fodder, fodder seeds multiplication and promotion of agroforestry, as well as promoting honey production, processing and marketing. 

EU/GIZ support to MoALF Transformation Initiative

Country    Kenya

Client        GFA│GIZ Food Security and Drought Resilience Programme

Period       July-Dec 2016

Provision of International Team Leader /National Deputy Team Leader advisory and administrative support to establishing the MoALF Transformation Initiative as the core mechanism for national, intergovernmental and county-level coordination within the agricultural sector in Kenya. 

Development of the draft national Agricultural Soil Management Policy

Country   Kenya

Client       Min Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Period      Nov-Dec 2015

Formulation of the National Agricultural Soil Management Policy to guide the sustainable utilization of soil resource for improved agricultural production and biodiversity conservation. 

El Nino Response in Siaya, Kakamega and Bungoma Counties

Country    Kenya

Client        GIZ 

Period       Apr-Nov 2016

Strengthening capacities of the county governments to respond and prepare effectively to climate events while enhancing the level of resilience of the farming population to cope and manage their production systems when faced with climate related challenges. 

Springwell Rehabilitation Phase 1 and 2-Busia County

Country     Kenya

Client         NAK-Karikativ

Budget      EUR 250,000

Period        June 2015 – Oct 2018

Water spring protection by construction, training of community health volunteers and establishment/capacity building of community committees for operation and management (O&M) of the protected springs. 

Community Integrated WASH and Market-Led Agricultural Value-Chain Development Project (CIWMAP) in Busia County

Country   Kenya

Client       NAK-Karikativ

Budget    EUR 445,000

Period      Feb 2015 – Feb 2019

Promotion of  irrigated agriculture and clean water for domestic and livestock use, thereby reducing water borne diseases and increasing sustainable production and consumption of nutritious food among households.