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Development of quality infrastructure for agricultural production (SPQA)


The project design is derived from BMZ’s 2030 strategy and intends to actualize Somalia’s   National   Development Plan   2020   to   2024   (NDP-9) pillar 3 (economic development).  The project targets the module on “the foundations for increased cultivation, sales and improved regulation of the production of selected, high-quality agricultural products in Somalia have been strengthened.” The assignment respondes to Output 3:  The capacity of Somali authorities to ensure quality standards for selected agricultural products is increased. The consortium is responsible for delivering the following work packages:  

  1. Work package 1: Supporting advisory services to the Somali Office of Standards (SOBS) and the Ministry of Agriculture; 
  1. Work package 2: Support inter-ministerial coordination bodies between federal and member states Puntland and Somaliland; 
  1. Work package 3: Establishment and commissioning of a functional laboratory for testing the quality standard of selected agricultural products. 

Project Description

Service Provided

The assignment adopts an institutional capacity development approach targeting the Ministry of Agriculture, Somali Agricultural Regulatory and Inspection Services (SARIS), Somali Bureau of Standards (SOBS), and other line ministries in federal and member states of Puntland and Somaliland.

  • Development of inventory of existing SOBS and SARIS capacities and coordinate the capacity building of staff in Puntland and Somaliland 
  • Development of modules of cooperation between SOBS and the relevant authorities of all member states of Somalia, including, facilitating stakeholders in the development of proposals for the coordination bodies 
  • Strategic alignment with GIZ on a M&E plan, operation plan and dissemination of knowledge management 
  • Development of training manuals and coordinate training of laboratory staff that is gender, human rights and conflict sensitive 
  • Development of laboratory equipment needs assessment and oversee the installation of the equipment 
  • Contribute case studies and lessons learned to sector networks for upscaling and sustainability  


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